LaSalle (519) 734-1221 Windsor West (519) 255-1221 Windsor East (519) 944-1221 Windsor South (519) 969-5858 Amherstburg (519) 736-1221
Windsor, Ontario Pizza


quality food
friendly staff

Bull’s Eye Pizza is a rapidly expanding locally owned franchise that provides exceptional quality food with outstanding customer service! We make our pizza dough from scratch daily and compliment it with our secret sauce recipe of Italian inspired spices. The first location was established over twenty years ago and since then we have expanded into new markets with five new stores. All stores are independently owned and operated by local pizza makers that have worked in the industry for several years and are dedicated to our craft. We pride ourselves on doing things the right way while bringing a home town vibe to our customer service with a friendly attitude.


  • Lasalle

    979 Front Road
    LaSalle, Ontario N9J 2A5

    (519) 734-1221

  • Windsor East

    214 Lauzon Road
    Windsor, Ontario N8S 3L6

    (519) 944-1221

  • Windsor West

    1405 Tecumseh Road West
    Windsor, Ontario N9B 1T7

    (519) 255-1221

  • Windsor South

    3395 Howard Ave
    Windsor, Ontario N9E 3N6

    (519) 969-5858

  • Amherstburg

    139 Sandwich Street South
    Amherstburg, Ontario N9V 1Z9

    (519) 736-1221

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